WF7310 Large Format Eco-Solvent  Printer Conversion Kit

WF7310 Large Format Eco-Solvent Printer Conversion Kit

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WF7310 office printer to an eco-solvent printer with our easy to use kit. Our refillable cartridges replace hold up to 20ml of sublimation ink and require no priming. These refillable, sponge less cartridges work perfect for eco-solvent work and they are easy to refill with the included syringes.

These cartridges are 'no chip', or chipless. Remove the chip from the factory cartridges that came with your printer and attach them to the included chip holders to get started - or you must purchase compatible ink chips.

Ongoing use will require the use of ink chips.

Our premium high quality eco-solvent ink is formulated for printer and designed to get the most vibrant results easily - utilizing the factory color profile.

Compatible with many large format printers using large 20ml cartridges.

Compatible models include:


What's in the box:

Refillable Cartridge Set 20ml for large format office printers
Premium Paper Bryan eco-solvent Ink - 400ml (100ml each of CMKY)
Refill Syringes (4) w/ needles

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Kit arrived very fast explained everything very well and easy did it all in about 20 min total was very quick to install in the printer and get it running