812XL Alternative Sublimation Kit with Refillable Cartridges, Ink and Syringes

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Convert your new WF7820 or WF7840 to a sublimation printer with our Non OEM, easy to use kit. Our 812XL alternative refillable cartridges hold up to 22ml of sublimation ink and require no priming. These refillable, sponge less cartridges work perfect with sublimation and they are easy to refill with the included syringes.

The included high quality sublimation ink is formulated for your printer and utilizes the factory color profile for optimal results.

Our included instructions will have you printing your own transfers from in no time! This kit makes converting your office printer into a sublimation machine.

These are no chip cartridges and require the user to place compatible chips on them. **Chipless firmware is not yet available for WF7820, WF7840, ECC7000. We recommend using the chips included with your new printer. Instructions will be included how to.

Compatible with:


What's in the box:

1 - set of 4 - 100ml sublimation ink bottles (CMYK)
1 - set of refillable inkjet cartridges (no chip - empty)
1 - set of 4 - 10ml printer refill syringes

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