312XL 314XL Alternative No Chip Refillable Inkjet Cartridges for XP15000 - Perfect for Sublimation, DTF Inks!

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Convert your XP15000 printer to sublimation - or simply save a bunch on ink costs with these 312XL / 314XL refillable inkjet cartridges.

These refillable cartridges work perfect with sublimation, dye, pigment, edible and many other ink types. These cartridges are easy to refill with the optional syringes and each hold 10-15ml of ink. These cartridges ship empty. 

These refillable carts do NOT include chips, but are compatible with them. You must either purchase chips separately, OR use chipless firmware. 

These are great for the North American market as there is not an auto reset chip available.

What's in the box:

One (1) Set of 6 refillable cartridges

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