Build-A-Bryan Sewable Plush Toy Activity Kit - Meet Paper Bryan!

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Meet Paper Bryan™

Have you ever wanted to build your own plush toy? Do you enjoy sewing and other crafting? Meet the original Paper Bryan™ doll! Standing 15″ tall and made form durable Tyvek® paper by the Dupont Company, Paper Bryan is an activity set designed for beginner sewers that experienced sewers and other crafters will simply love.

Modeled after our friend Bryan, bass guitarist in the band SCUTOID, our Build-A-Bryan™ kits  come complete with full-color instructions featuring nearly 80 images. We take you step-by-step from threading a needle to placing the final stitches in Paper Bryan. Our exclusive Easy Mode Patterns™ are double-sided and make building a professionally looking plush toy simple and frustration free.

Learn to Sew

Build-A-Bryan kits make learning to sew fun and easy. We’ll move you step-by-step through everything you need to know about how to build your very own Paper Bryan plush toy. Along the way you’ll learn common sewing stitches and other helpful techniques from threading a needle all the way to placing the final stitches on your Paper Bryan plush toy. You’ll learn things such as:
  • How to thread a needle
  • Various stitches like straight stitching, invisible stitching and basting
  • How to stuff a plush toy with extra tips!
  • How to turn Tyvek® fabric
  • Sewing darts and more!

Easy Mode Pattern™

Sewing patterns are notoriously difficult to understand for novice sewers and crafters. Our Easy Mode Pattern™ sets are simple for novice sewers and crafters to follow along, and familiar enough for those with experience they’ll know exactly what to do. Easy Mode Pattern sets are printed directly on the Tyvek fabric with the sewable pattern instruction set on the back, and highly colorful, vibrate artwork on the front. Our Easy Mode Pattern takes all the guess work out of sewing and add a level of precision that typical sewing patterns just cannot match.

Easy Mode Pattern sets eliminate the need for pinning pattern pieces to fabric, tracing, guesstimating and other frustrations associated with typical patterns. Easy Mode Patterns are multicolored and feature sew lines, cut lines, alignment markers and other guides that make assembling a plush toy with precision, simple and frustration-free. Sew right through the pattern for a perfectly proportioned, finely detailed, professional looking plush toy.

The exterior of the Easy Mode Pattern features rich, vibrate artwork with UV fade resistant dyes. Guidelines around the hands, shoulders and back of head remove all the guess work from shaping and closing open seams. Markers around the knees and legs make placement of the details on Paper Bryan easy as ever.

It’s never been this easy to build a plush toy with such accuracy. Easy Mode Pattern sets help every Paper Bryan turn out great. It’s like sewing with Easy Mode: On!

Durable Tyvek®

Tyvek® by the Dupont Company is a 100% synthetic nonwoven material made from high-density spunbound polyethylene fibers. This material is lightweight, sewable, durable and perfect for all sorts of crafting.

You may recognize the name Tyvek® as its the product used for sterile packaging, building envelopes like house wrap, cargo covers, personal protective equipment and much more.

Paper Bryan is made from 100% Tyvek® fabric with special treatment to absorb dyes.

Fun Design

The original SCUTOID Paper Bryan doll is based on and made in cooperation with earth human and bass guitarist Bryan in the band SCUTOID.

People tell us all the time they adore Paper Bryan’s fun design. We can’t take credit for it; it’s based on the ink our friend Bryan wears each and every day.

Hand or Machine

When we set out to create an easy-to-follow instruction set for building a plush toy, we wanted to create a product that even someone who didn’t know how to thread a needle could pick up and build a plush toy all while learning a thing or two along the way.
We knew experienced sewers and crafters may prefer to use their sewing machines. We took extra care to make sure our Easy Mode Pattern sets were perfectly compatible with sewing machines by including specific settings for sewing Tyvek® and tips to when hand sewing and machine sewing differ.
Whether machine or by hand, from ages 8 to 108, we think you’ll love the hours of entertainment the Build-A-Bryan activity set provides.

What's in the box:
1 - Build-A-Bryan Build Manual
1 - EasyMode Pattern Set for SCUTOID Bryan
1 - Set of shoulder joints
Required but not included:
  • Scissors
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • 3/8” Turn tube w/ stick
  • 1/2” Turn tube w/ stick
  • Stuffing tool
  • Thimble
  • Needle set for hand sewing that fits your selected thread
  • 1/8” hole punch or razor blade
  • White Thread
  • Black Thread (optional)
  • Transparent Tape (optional)
  • Sealer (optional)
  • Needle Threader (optional)

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