Prefilled Sublimation 212XL Non OEM Refillable Ink Cartridge for XP4105, WF2850, XP4100, WF2850

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These refillable cartridges are prefilled with our premium, high quality sublimation ink. Make your artwork pop with the best ink in the USA - get the most vibrant results!

This cartridge set replaces 212 or 212XL cartridges.

This cartridge set is available in chipless or no chip configuration for chipless printers or with single use chips in factory printers. 

  • Uses factory color profile
  • Prefilled with approximately 12ml of high quality sublimation ink
  • Available with or without chips

Works with:


You'll receive:

One (1) Set of 4 cartridges prefilled with premium heat transfer sublimation ink.
Refill instructions
With or without chips based on your selection at checkout

*Please note cartridges not returnable once they are installed. All defective items have warranty.

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